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Friday, January 24, 2014

Trigger Memory Times Tales Review

I am so excited to bring this review to you! I was given a free copy of Trigger Memory Times Tales in exchange for my honest review.

Honestly, I have been so amazed by the results that I keep pinching myself (so to speak) to see if I’m dreaming. Let me assure you 100%...


Trigger Memory Times Tales

No, I am not dreaming; and yes, your child really can learn his upper level multiplication and division facts with Trigger Memory Times Tales. My son memorized all of the multiplication facts in Part One of the DVD in just 4 days. He has struggled with math for a very long time, so 4 days is just incredible to me! If your child doesn’t struggle in math, I’m sure he/she will learn them much faster. I intentionally moved slowly with this process because of my son’s past struggles with math. I am so glad I did. You know your child's abilities and can be the judge of how fast or slow to move through the DVD.

What’s Included and the Cost

At first glance, I was skeptical because there didn’t seem to be enough material. That skepticism quickly faded as I saw the quality and quantity contained in the two DVD's.

Disk 1 contains the computer printables for Part One and Part Two and the answer key. Tests, cube games, crossword puzzles and flashcard printables can be printed as needed from this disk. Disk 2 contains Part One and Part Two of the upper level multiplication and division facts your child will be learning. The individual steps included for Part One and Part Two are Learn the Stories, Story Quiz, Practice Flashcards, Multiplication Flashcards and Division Flashcards.

Everything you need is included in the DVD's! The cost is $24.95 - a great deal considering there is nothing else needed.

How We Used Times Tales

Every day for the first week, my son and I would watch Part One of the DVD for the multiplication facts. The first video introduces you and your child to the characters in the stories. The second video is the stories for the first set of upper level multiplication facts. The third video quizzes your child with the story characters on flash cards. Finally, the last video of Part One quizzes your child with multiplication flash cards.

After the first week of viewing Part One of the DVD, I printed off the test sheet for the multiplication facts my son learned. He knew them all and made a 100 on the test! We both were so happy!

Next we moved on in Part One to the division math facts that went along with the multiplication facts my son had already learned. I saw the "light bulb moment" on his face when he realized the connection between the multiplication facts and the division facts. He learned the division math facts quickly once he realized that connection. It was a very happy moment for this homeschool moma!! His confidence level was off the charts too!

What I Love About Trigger Memory Times Tales

I love everything about Trigger Memory Times Tales! I appreciate the gentle approach to a subject that has caused my son a lot of frustration over the years. I love how the learning is broken down into manageable portions for the child, and that I can control how fast or slow we go through each step of the process based on his ability. The number characters (Mrs. Week, Mrs. Snowman, the sixth grade class, the butterfly, etc.) are truly memorable and the stories used to teach the math facts are completely genius in my honest opinion. I love that Trigger Memory Times Tales has given my son the confidence in learning his math facts that he was lacking before using this system! That is priceless.

My Recommendation

I would highly recommend Times Tales Trigger Memory to any parent who wants to painlessly teach their child the upper level multiplication and division math facts. It has truly been a pleasure every day to pop in the DVD and watch my son learn. He has been able to retain all of the math facts learned by using Trigger Memory Times Tales. Don’t hesitate to get this for your homeschool – you will be so glad you did, and so will your child!

Happy Learning,


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