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Friday, December 13, 2013 Yearly Membership Option Review

I am super excited to share this review with you today as part of the TOS Review Crew! I received a free yearly membership option to in exchange for my honest review. Trust me when I say you'll want to grab yourself a cup of coffee or tea, get in a quiet room alone (as hard as that is for us moms to do!), and spend a few minutes here with me as I tell you about my experience so far with my yearly membership option at
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What's Included with the Yearly Membership Option?

The yearly membership option to includes online access to daily, weekly, and monthly lessons for over 50 courses which include core subjects as well as electives for your Pre-K through High School homeschool students, access to teachers if you have questions about any of the classes or content, a free online record-keeping system, monthly reading lists, checklists to track the courses you are using with your kids, special needs units, family nutrition lessons, downloads and links needed to complete the lessons, and so much more! You can go to to find out more about what's included in the yearly membership option. You'll also find a site tour on their website which I highly recommend viewing.

Just look at all these extras that are included with the yearly membership option!
  • TOS Family Discount Codes (special savings from an amazing line-up of homeschool companies)
  • Monthly Bonus E-books to add to your homeschool library (monthly e-book bundles; a total of 149 titles)
  • Schoolhouse Expo Video Recordings (listen in the comfort of your home at a time that is convenient for you)
  • Schoolhouse Planners (5 different planners to choose from: regular, special learners, primary, middle and high school)
  • The Old Schoolhouse Magazine subscription (and back issues you may have missed)

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What's the Cost?

A yearly membership option for is only $139 which includes access to Pre-K through High School content. In my opinion, this is an awesome deal considering all of the quality content, downloads and links for lessons, and teacher access I will have at my fingertips on a daily basis for a whole year. Don't forget about all the extras that come with the yearly membership option as well.

What I Love About

Oh my goodness, this could take a while! But I know how busy you are, so I'll try not to keep you too long. {smile} One of the great benefits of the yearly subscription option for is that you will have access to grades Pre-K through High School. If you are homeschooling multiple children this yearly membership will be a tremendous savings for your family because you will have all of the core subjects and electives you will need to homeschool all of your children! They provide all of the downloads and links needed to complete the lessons - truly making my job as a homeschooling mom a little bit easier. I also love that all the lessons are archived at so that there are always plenty of quality lessons to choose from in addition to the current month's lessons. So if what has been planned for the current month isn't something you or your child want to use in your homeschool, then you can go into the archived lessons to find something different to use instead. What I love most about is the fact that I have access to the Pre-K/Elementary section as well as the Middle/High School section. This is a tremendous benefit to me because my son has special needs so it takes him longer to catch on in certain subjects. For example, although my son is in the 7th grade, he is on a lower level in math so I have to take that into consideration when planning his math lessons. With the option to go up and down grade levels on the website, I can meet his particular needs in the subject of math. That makes me very happy!

How We Used 

In order to give you an idea of how we used our yearly membership option for, I went through all of the core subjects and electives and picked a couple of lesson choices for us to use in our homeschool. Since we are in the Christmas season, I chose one lesson that reflected the season that I knew my son and I both would enjoy. Here is what we did during our first week using our yearly membership option for

Lapbook for The Gift of the Magi 

Everything that I needed for this lesson was found on the website under the Lapbook heading in the Middle/High School section. I printed off the story from my computer so that Caleb and I could cuddle up together on our cozy reading chair. I had some green and purple card stock that I used to print the mini-books on. I also printed off the instructions for each mini-book. With all the necessary components printed, I grabbed our scissors, glue stick, and stapler and we headed off into our schoolroom. We took our place on our cozy reading chair and Caleb listened intently and followed along as I read The Gift of the Magi. The ending of the story really surprised Caleb, but the moral of putting others before yourself was not missed by him either. Once we finished the story, we headed to the desk to work on the mini-books for the lapbook.

The first mini-book Caleb worked on was for vocabulary words from the story. I downloaded and printed the vocabulary list that was provided. Caleb doesn't like to write because his hands tire after writing for long periods of time, but these mini-books were enjoyable for him because they didn't take that long for him to complete.

Caleb was very proud of how his first mini-book turned out for this lapbook project. Don't you love his pose here holding his completed vocabulary words mini-book!

Once this mini-book was finished, we moved on to the next one in The Gift of the Magi lapbook, which was listing the character traits of Jim and Della who are the main characters of the story. The directions that were provided told us to go back through the story to find clues to their character traits. As we found them, I wrote the character traits for Jim and Della on the whiteboard. Then I had Caleb copy the character traits to the mini-book I had printed off from

There were a total of six mini-books that Caleb made throughout the week to go into his lapbook for The Gift of the Magi. Caleb learned some great new vocabulary words from the story, he persevered through the writing that was involved, and created a beautiful lapbook that he was so proud of (and this moma was proud too)! We both enjoyed this wonderful Christmas story reminding us of the importance of putting others before ourselves.

Science: Paper Plate Optical Illusion Experiment

Jason Lindsey aka "Mr. Science" with Hooked on Science brings the weekly science experiment lessons on This was an amazing experiment that used a paper plate to explain how the optic nerves in our eyes send signals to our brain, which then interprets what we see. Included in the downloadable PDF instruction file for this science experiment were science safety precautions, ingredients list, and instructions for completing the science experiment. I printed off the instructions and read aloud the science safety precautions, Caleb gathered the items needed for the experiment, and we followed the instructions that were given for the paper plate optical illusion experiment. This was a fun experiment that both Caleb and I enjoyed! After we completed the experiment, we watched "Mr. Science" explain the optical illusion in a YouTube video link posted on the Science lesson page at

Schoolhouse Planners

Remember the 5 different Schoolhouse Planners I mentioned as one of the great extras that come with the yearly membership option? Well, I chose to download the Special Learners planner to use since my sweet Caleb fits into that category. I love everything that is included in this lovely planner: articles written by mothers of special learners, calendars, planning pages, homeschool individualized IEP, medical and therapy forms, weekly food and behavior diaries, household organizational charts, and my most favorite - task analysis cards to help teach life skills. I am really going to enjoy using this planner that was so well thought out!

My Opinion of the Yearly Membership Option for

I could not be more satisfied with my experience with the yearly membership option for! I am totally amazed by the high quality content available for Pre-K through High School homeschoolers, by the wonderful team of teachers who provide the lessons, all of the downloads and links, and the affordable price of $139 for the yearly membership option. I absolutely LOVE, and I'm so thankful to have the affordable yearly membership option that I can use for our homeschool! My son has really enjoyed the lessons I picked for him. The variety of choices available will ensure that he never complains of being "bored" again in our homeschool. has been a blessing to us, and we will definitely enjoy having the yearly membership option! 

Don't miss out on this amazing and affordable option for your homeschool! The yearly membership option is only $139. Visit today and see for yourself. I think you'll be just as amazed as I was!

Until Next Time Friends,

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  1. bwahahahah. I love that photo of your son with that tiny book! Hilarious! I need to check out the HOoked on Science stuff. My family loves science but I am HORRIBLE about actually doing it. Maybe I can find some things to incorporate that I will actually remember to do! Great review!

    1. I laughed just as hard when he did that pose for me Lisa!! That's just one of his great quality's that I love so much - he knows how to make me laugh! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Glad to see your handsome young man posing for you - it would be almost impossible to get my 13 year old to do the same! I think he has a disease called icanteverhavemypicturetakenbymom - hope it isn't contagious! haha! I was excited to see the science from Jason on the site too. I reviewed his book a while back and it was excellent!

    1. Yes, I hope it's not contagious either Lisa! lol I love getting pictures like this from him. I'll have to look into Jason's science book - thanks for the tip!