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Monday, March 10, 2014

Mastering 5th Grade Math - Volume 1 - Fractions from

Today I'm bringing you a review of Mastering 5th Grade Math - Volume 1 - Fractions from, a wonderful step-by-step video course provider for math and science. Since fractions is a math concept I have yet to tackle with my son in our homeschool, I jumped at the chance when the opportunity came up to review it as part of the TOS Review Crew!

Mastering 5th Grade Math

What's the Age Range for Mastering 5th Grade Math - Volume 1 - Fractions?

The age range suggested is grades 4 - 6. Your kids will benefit from using this math video course because Jason Gibson, the instructor, becomes your own personal math tutor who does a fantastic job teaching about fractions! He thoroughly explains each lesson step-by-step so that a solid foundation is laid at the very beginning of your student's study of math fractions. For this reason, I believe Mastering 5th Grade Math - Volume 1- Fractions would be suitable at any time you feel your student in the suggested age range is ready to begin their study of math fractions. For some this may be as early as 4th grade, while others may want to wait until 5th or 6th grade. You know your kids, so it's up to you when to begin your study of math fractions with them. You'll definitely want to enlist Mastering 5th Grade Math - Volume 1 - Fractions when you are ready to begin!

What's Included with Mastering 5th Grade Math - Volume 1 - Fractions?

Two disks are included in the video course of Mastering 5th Grade Math - Volume 1 - Fractions. One is the DVD which includes the lessons, while the other is a CD that contains the printable worksheets for the lessons as well as an answer key.

Here's a peek at what your student will learn in Mastering 5th Grade Math - Volume 1 - Fractions:

Lesson 1: Review of Fraction Concepts
Lesson 2: Writing Fractions as Words
Lesson 3: Finding Factors of Numbers
Lesson 4: Finding the Greatest Common Factor
Lesson 5: Finding the GCF of 3 Numbers
Lesson 6: Prime Factorization
Lesson 7: Equivalent Fractions
Lesson 8: Renaming Fractions
Lesson 9: Simplifying Fractions, Part 1
Lesson 10:
 Simplifying Fractions, Part 2
Lesson 11: Review of Improper Fractions
Lesson 12: Review of Mixed Fractions
Lesson 13: Writing Mixed Fractions as Improper Fractions
Lesson 14: Writing Improper Fractions as Mixed Fractions
Lesson 15: Thinking of Fractions as Division
Lesson 16: Writing Whole Numbers as Fractions

Everything is provided for you in Mastering 5th Grade Math - Volume 1 - Fractions to begin your study of fractions in your homeschool. Additional volumes on fractions for 5th Grade Math are available for purchase as you and your student progress through your study of fractions.

You will find a free viewing of Lesson 1, along with the worksheet, on the website so that you can try out the course before making your decision to buy it. You can also like them on Facebook to find out how other homeschoolers are implementing their resources for math help.

What's the Cost?

The download price of Mastering 5th Grade Math - Volume 1 - Fractions is $14.99 while the cost for the actual 2-disk set (includes the DVD and CD with printables) is $15.99. Now that's a great price to have your own personal math tutor for fractions in your homeschool!

How We Used Mastering 5th Grade Math - Volume 1 - Fractions

I printed off the worksheets and answer key from the CD provided and kept them in a 3-ring binder. We used this course four days a week in our homeschool. First, we watched the video lesson on my laptop. As I stated before, Jason did a wonderful job breaking down the steps so that my son could get a firm grasp on what he was teaching. Starting with the very first lesson, Jeff demonstrated what he was teaching with several different examples on his white board to ensure that the student was able to form a strong foundation with fractions. Following the video lesson, we worked together on one of the worksheets pertaining to the lesson which I had printed. Each lesson has more than one worksheet so that your student will get plenty of practice to solidify the teaching. Depending on my son's level of understanding, some days I would work with him on the first sheet so that I could help explain any areas that he needed assistance with. Other days, after he felt more comfortable working alone on the worksheet, I would simply assign the next worksheet for that particular lesson. With my son, I've learned that slow and steady wins the race, so we are taking our time going through the lessons. Repetition is key for him, so if we need to watch a video lesson more than once then that is what we do. Since I have all the worksheets on the CD included in Volume 1, I can reprint any that I need. I love that!

My Opinion of Mastering 5th Grade Math - Volume 1 - Fractions from

This video course is exactly what I need to teach my son fractions! The lessons are explained step-by-step which makes it manageable for any student to learn. It's been a long times since I studied fractions, so I'm learning again too. Jeff Gibson is a wonderful teacher! He has taken the stress off of me trying to teach fractions to my son all by myself. It's so easy to just pop the DVD into our laptop and watch the video lesson together. When we get to the subject of math each day, my son always wants to learn more about fractions first before we work on any other math concept. That is a such a relief to me! Review

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  1. where can you go to get this? I am having a hard time with helping my kids do fractions. this would so benefit myself to be able to help them with homework instead of leaving it up to my poor but gracious oldest daughter.

  2. Hi, Amy! Just click on the blue link (Mastering 5th Grade Math - Volume 1 - Fractions) in my first sentence of the blog post. It will take you directly to the product on the website of I hope you enjoy it as much as we have.