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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Motivated Moms Review

Anyone else need some motivation - or better still, a way to help you keep everything you have to do organized so that you can peacefully lay your head down at night without a forgotten "something" popping into your mind?! I was thankful to have the opportunity to review Motivated Moms Ebooks from Motivated Moms (, a planner that helped keep me on track with my busy daily schedule.

Motivated Moms Review

I'll be the first to admit that I need all the motivation I can get to stay organized with my busy daily schedule. It's hard for me to keep up with all that has to be done on a daily basis - there's the homeschooling schedule, the cleaning schedule, the cooking schedule, the Bible/quiet time schedule, etc. There are nights when I lay down in bed - exhausted - only to have something I forgot to do pop into mind! It makes it almost impossible to shut off my mind so that I can get some rest so that I'm not a zombie the next day.

What's Available from Motivated Moms?

Motivated Moms provides a chore planning system that is available in the two following products: the Motivated Moms Ebooks, which are printable Ebooks from which you can choose the one that best fits your needs and as the Motivated Moms iOS App for your iPhone, iPad, iPad Touch, or Android. For this review, I chose to receive the printable Ebook, 2014 Motivated Moms Page Per Day Chore Planner with Scheduled Bible Reading {Color}, that I downloaded to my computer.

All the work has been done for us as far as organizing what needs to be done on a daily basis as well as other chores that sometimes get forgotten. I love the scheduled daily Bible reading plan that was included on the option I chose. Some mornings are so hectic, I don't get to do my in-depth Bible study so this is a wonderful feature for me personally. They have it planned so that you read through the entire Bible in a year!

Motivated Moms Review
This is an example of the planning system I chose. See more options on the Motivated Moms website.

What's the Price?

The following prices are listed for each product choice that is available through Motivated Moms. For the app, the price is .99 cents for one month or $7.99 for one year. The cost for the printable Ebook download is $8.00.

Age Range

Motivated Moms is for anyone wishing to have help with their chore planning system. (Yes, that would be me!)

How Motivated Moms Has Helped Me

I love this chore planning system! Motivated Moms have done a wonderful job organizing chores into a planning system that works.

Instead of printing off the whole Ebook, I chose to print it off weekly. I placed it on my refrigerator so that it was visible to me every day. As chores were completed, I simply marked them off the list. There was great satisfaction at the end of the day, knowing everything that needed to be completed for that day had been done. Once the week was completed, I hole-punched the planner page and put it in my 3-ring binder; and I printed off the next week I would need.

Motivated Moms is helping to keep me accountable in my daily chores. It has also helped me to run my day more smoothly by keeping me on task of what needs to be accomplished. I just feel better about my days now!

My Opinion of Motivated Moms

If you haven't already guessed by now...I love Motivated Moms! It is a wonderful chore planning system available at a fantastic price! I really couldn't ask for more. Check out their website at Motivated Moms or you can connect with them as well on the following social media outlets: Facebook and Twitter.

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