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Friday, March 20, 2015

GPALOVEMATH ~ An Online Math Program

GPALOVEMATH is a completely online math program for homeschoolers with children in grades Kindergarten through 5th grade provided by GPA LEARN. Recently I was given the opportunity to review GPALOVEMATH from Great Parents Academy in our homeschool. This is a great online math help that I have enjoyed using with my son in our homeschool. It's like having a math tutor online for my son!


Setting Up Our GPALOVEMATH Account

I created my account in 4 easy steps. After confirming my account, I set up a user name and password for my son. GPALOVEMATH is completely online and is compatible with  a PC, Mac, iPad and Galaxy Tab on most all browsers.

Information About the Lessons from GPALOVEMATH

Every lesson has 3 sections that includes small bite-size pieces of knowledge and should be completed by your child in one sitting.

Section 1 teaches the child the skills for the lesson.

Section 2 contains practice problems for the child with feedback from the character guide.

Section 3 is the only section scored. The child works independently in this section which is introduced only when your child shows that he/she is ready from their work in Section 2.

If your child is a beginning reader, all problems can be read to them by clicking the words on the screen.

You can see all attempts your child makes on each of their lessons at any time. Viewing missed problems is a great way to detect any learning gaps so that you can review with your child on these lessons.

The Parent LEARN video tutorial is very helpful, quick orientation. Check it out by clicking on the video below.


We used GPALOVEMATH in our homeschool to help cement math concepts my son needed more practice with. I loved the way the program is set up so that he couldn't move on to section 3 until he showed that he could do the work in section 2. This aspect of the program assures me that there will not be any gaps in his math learning. This is very important to me since most math concepts build on each other. A firm foundation in every concept is very important in my son's math education.

I love how GPALOVEMATH is set up so that small pieces of math concepts are taught at a time. My son can get easily overwhelmed with math if too much to thrown into a lesson at one time. We can take our time with each lesson in Section 1 before moving on to Section 2 and so on. I also love the motivational system that is available for parents to use to encourage their children with the work they complete. Reward ideas are provided or you can come up with your own. I receive an email each time Caleb completes a lesson, and also at the end of the week I receive an email with all of the lessons he completed and the grade he made on them.

Caleb loves his "learning coach", Abacus, who guided him through each lesson. Every grade has a different learning coach. This is a fun part of the GPALOVEMATH!

Math Learning Coaches
GPALOVEMATH Learning Coaches make learning math fun!

If you are looking for an online math program to put some excitement back into your child's math learning experience, then I highly recommend GPALOVEMATH. Your child will truly love learning math again!

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