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Saturday, May 2, 2015

A+ Interactive Math Review

Homeschool math is a subject in our home that I am always looking for something new to use to keep my son's attention and interest peaked. So I was very excited to be chosen to participate in a TOS review for A+ Interactive Math, an online math program. For this review, I received a six month subscription to A+ Interactive Math Curriculum: Family Math Package.

A+ Interactive Math Review

I love that A+ Interactive Math offers freebies for homeschool families to try out what they offer before making the decision to purchase. It's a great way to discover if their online math programs are a good fit for your children. Two of their most popular freebies are the Free Math Placement Test and the Free Family Math Package. Check them out today! I think you're going to love A+ Interactive Math as much as we do!

Great news! A+ Interactive Math is having a 40% to 50% off sale on their Family Math Package and their Adaptive Placement Testing with Lessons from Monday, May 4 through Monday, May 18.

They also offer these popular freebies:
TOS Review Crew

How We Used A+ Interactive Math

We used A+ Interactive Math: Family Math Package weekly in our homeschool.

My son has math learning gaps due to his special needs, so I was thrilled to discover that I can change his grade levels in the parent admin panel. In each grade level, topics of math study are listed for each chapter of math learning. This was beneficial to me because there are some math concepts that my son has not learned yet so I was able to skip over those topics until I'm ready to let him begin learning them. I love the flexibility of A+ Interactive Math!!

My son listens to and watches the video math lesson before any of the online math lessons are completed. These video math lessons are short and clearly presented through a teacher's voice while visuals of the math lesson are presented on the computer screen. After viewing the lesson, he then completes the Interactive Q&A and is guided through five practice problems that are covered in the video math lesson. If he answers the practice problem incorrectly, the teacher shows how to get the correct answer. Once the practice problems have been completed, there is a Update Lesson Status button on the top right of the computer screen that he can click on that will mark his lesson as being complete. On my parent admin panel, I can keep up with how many lessons my son has completed.

The math lessons can be done online after the practice math problems or they can be printed off. I chose to print off the math worksheets for my son because he works better with paper and pencil for math. If you choose to use the online worksheets, those are graded automatically for you. That's a great benefit if you have a child who likes to do their math work online! It's a winner for you too because all the grading is done for you!

I love being given the choice of either online or printable math worksheets!

The parent admin panel has a very helpful record keeping system that is every homeschooling parent's dream! You can see everything your child has completed online...the Interactive Q&As, worksheets, and exams.

A+ Interactive Math Review

For more information about A+ Interactive Math, read 12 Reasons to use Family Math Package program and 12 Reasons to use Adaptive Placement Test & Lessons program.

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A+ Interactive Math Review

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