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Thursday, July 24, 2014

M is for Martha (Women of the Bible)

Blogging Through the Alphabet

M is for Martha.

Scripture Reference:

Luke 10:38-42 and John 11; 12:1-3

Meaning of Name:


Family Connections:

The sister of Mary and Lazarus. They lived together in Bethany.

Interesting Facts about Martha:

  • Martha welcomed Jesus and His disciples into her home.
  • Martha became distracted by her serving so that it took her away from Jesus' teaching.
  • She complained that her sister, Mary, didn't leave Jesus' teaching as well to come and help her serve.
  • In the repetition of her name, "Martha, Martha", Jesus affectionately begins His rebuke of Martha.
  • Martha loved Jesus, and she was loved by Jesus.
  • She went to meet Jesus as He was coming to their house because of the death of her brother, Lazarus.
  • Martha had faith that Jesus could have healed her brother.
  • Martha had faith concerning her deceased brother Lazarus, and that whatever Jesus asked of God He would surely give it to Jesus.
  • Martha believed in the resurrection at the last day.
  • She confessed that Jesus was the Christ, the Son of God, who had come into the world.

What We Can Learn from Martha:

  • Open our hearts and our homes to the leadership of Jesus.
  • Be hospitable to others.
  • Do not become so busy with our serving or responsibilities that we neglect time alone in the Word of God.
  • Time in the Word of God is needed for our spiritual growth.
  • Serving and learning are both duties in the Christian life.
  • All that we do in serving and learning should be in honor and glory to God. 
  • Jesus' delay in responding is not necessarily denial, but can be an opportunity for the display of the glory of God.
  • Jesus knows the exact moment to display the power of God.
  • We can trust Jesus with our cares, our sorrows, and our responsibilities.

In this fast-paced, busy world, I think we all can relate in some way to Martha. Finding a balance between learning and serving is something most of us struggle with if we're honest with ourselves. Let's remember to ask Jesus to help us. He's more than ready to answer our call for help in this area of our lives.

Walking in His Grace, 

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  1. Great post! I like to try to balance my life to be a little bit of both Mary and Martha. It is important that Jesus loved her even though she was always so busy serving. He knew her heart was in the right place!

    1. I agree with you, Lisa...Jesus knew Martha's heart was in the right place. I strive for a little bit of them both in my life as well. Jesus showed us balance in His own life, didn't He? We always see Him serving and we always see Him departing to a quiet place to be alone with His Father. Both are good, needed, and necessary in our lives as His disciples.

      Thanks for the discussion! God bless you! :)

  2. What a neat idea to do ABC blogging with Women of the Bible! I love the passage in Luke where Martha is so busy and gets irritated with Mary. I need to be more like Mary. I am too much like Martha

    1. Thanks for stopping by and commenting Tess! :)

  3. Great reminders - thanks for writing about Martha! I often recognize Martha 'tendencies' in my own life, and seek to have more balance.

    1. Yes, Erica, finding that balance between Martha and Mary is a goal of mine too! Thanks for stopping by!