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Monday, July 13, 2015

5 Keys to Being Prepared for Spiritual Battles

Can you believe we are in Week 5 of Proverbs with the Good Morning Girls! It seems like our summer Bible study is quickly sailing by! Today we are in Proverbs 21. Trusting God for the victory can be hard to do when we're in the thick of the spiritual battle! But even as we prepare ourselves daily for the spiritual battle that is involved with being children of God, we must stand on the truth we find in today's verse that I've chosen.

Proverbs Summer Bible Study with Good Morning Girls

Do your best, prepare for the worst—
 then trust God to bring victory. 

~Proverbs 21:31 MSG

Spiritual battles are sure to come as we seek to grow closer in our relationship to Jesus. Over and over this weekend I have been hearing, "It's those who are trying to grow closer to Jesus that the devil is fighting." You see, God is in the midst of answering one of my prayers that I've daily prayed for my husband. I never thought there would be pain involved in the answer of a prayer. Let me tell you, there's pain in spiritual growth, my friends.

My prayer is that God would give my husband a hunger and a thirst for more of Him. I wasn't expecting that God would answer that prayer in the way He has, but praise God both my husband and I are growing closer to the Lord, as well as closer to each other in our marriage!

I'm learning that God's ways are not our ways and that when I pray a prayer such as I have been for my husband, I'd better be prepared for the spiritual battle that's sure to come. Today I want to share with you these 5 keys to being prepared for spiritual battles!

5 Keys to Being Prepared for Spiritual Battles


Number One: Be Diligent in Your Prayer Life

We have to make prayer a priority in our lives! There are so many prayer needs in this world and in the lives of those around us. The best way to engage in these spiritual battles is through prayer. For my husband, I have been praying God's Word over him using my Marriage Scripture Prayer Calendar. You can get your free calendar on the first of every month here at Grace-Filled-Moments. Each day has a Scripture verse that you can use to pray over your husband. We have to remember, friends, that even more important than being our husband, he is our spiritual brother in Christ. My husband needs my prayers - and your husband needs your prayers too! There is power in prayer for whatever spiritual battle you are facing.

Number Two: Be Diligent to Read Your Bible Every Day

Yes, I know how busy our lives are. I think that is one of the deadliest tricks of the devil that he uses to keep us from knowing the truth that will set us free. God has given us the answers we need for all of the spiritual battles we will face in this life. Those answers are found in His Holy Word. Join me and the Good Morning Girls as we read through the Bible, one chapter a day {Monday-Friday}, until we read through the entire Bible. You can read my Blogging Through the Bible posts where I share what I've learned during my time in God's Word. Take time on Saturdays to pick out verses that you'd like to memorize that will help you in whatever spiritual battle you are facing.

Number Three: Memorize God's Word

My favorite evangelist that holds revivals at our church once said, "You want God to answer your prayer? Then pray His Word back to Him!" That was one of the most spiritually life-changing statements I think I've ever heard in my walk with God. Ever since that time, I have made it a priority in my life to memorize God's Word. There have been many situations where I or a loved one has needed victory that I have prayed God's Word back to Him and trusted Him to answer. He has been faithful to His Word, friends! Search online or in your Bible's concordance for Scriptures on topics such as faith, fear, forgiveness - whatever you need victory in - and write out one verse a week on a couple of index cards. Place them strategically throughout your house. I have one of my verse cards taped to one of my kitchen cabinets so that I can look at it while I'm preparing meals. I have the other one next to my bathroom mirror so that I can practice saying it while I'm getting ready in the mornings.

Number Four: Realize the Power of Praise

There is power in praise, friends! As my husband has been going through his spiritual battle, he has discovered the power of praise. Every day when he gets home from work, he will turn on the radio in our kitchen and listen to uplifting Christian music. I love to listen to music that will help me to praise the name of Jesus! When we praise the name of Jesus through song, the devil can't stand it! Sing, sing, sing praises to God in the midst of your spiritual battle!

Number Five: Have Trusted Friends Who Will Fight With You

It's important that we have godly friends we can trust who will help us to fight our spiritual battles. The prayer of a righteous man/woman availeth much {James 5:16}. I'm so thankful for the friends we have who are fighting alongside us! We can count on them to pray for us, and they know that we are praying for them too. Make sure you're not trying to fight your spiritual battles alone {Ecclesiastes 4:9-12}.

Now, after you have done your best by being prepared for your spiritual battles with these five keys, remember to trust God to bring the victory!

That's exactly what my husband and I are now doing. I want to encourage you to do the same!

Are you going through a spiritual battle now? Know that I am praying for you! Take these 5 keys to being prepared for spiritual battles and begin fighting well today. And remember, after having done your best to prepare, stand firm and trust God to bring the victory!

Walking in His Grace, 

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  3. Thanks! Sometimes I feel like God has more faith in me than I do in my ability to withstand the battle. Like now....Pray with me.