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Thursday, May 22, 2014

D is for Deborah (Women of the Bible)

Blogging Through the Alphabet

D is for Deborah.

Scripture Reference:

Judges 4 and 5

Meaning of Name: 

A bee

Family Connection:

The wife of Lapidoth.

Interesting Facts about Deborah:

  • Deborah led Israel as a prophetess and as a judge.
  • She was intimately acquainted with God as a prophetess.
  • She was devoted to the service of Israel as a judge.
  • Deborah aroused Israel's concern over their low spiritual condition.
  • Deborah prophesied to Barak that he was to lead the attack against Sisera and his men.
  • She went with Barak and his army and encouraged him to carry out his commission from God.
  • Deborah was a fearless leader, yet she made it clear that God had designated Barak as Israel's leader in battle.
  • She affirmed God's system of leadership.
  • She had strong faith in God for the deliverance of Israel.
  • Deborah was a poetess, writing what we know as "The Song of Deborah" in Judges 5 after the deliverance of Israel.
  • She sang praises to God for his deliverance of Israel.
  • She acknowledges the efforts of the leader who led and the followers who followed.
  • Deborah lived a life that showed her heart was fixed on God.

What We Can Learn from Deborah:

  • Confidence rooted in a close, personal relationship with God.
  • Awareness that our talents and abilities are are given to us by God.
  • Be obedient in the service and calling God has placed on our lives.
  • Balancing the many roles in our lives is possible with God at the center and as we seek His guidance.
  • Be an encourager to others in their walk with God.
  • Do not let fear cripple us.
  • God can use any vessel that is willing.
  • Have strong faith in God in all areas of our life.
  • Encourage our husbands to be fearless leaders of our homes.
  • Help to strengthen the faith of our husbands and of others in our lives.
  • Acknowledge the efforts of others who take a stand in the work of God. 
  • Give praises to God for when He moves on our behalf.
  • There are blessings to receive when we live under God's system of leadership.

Blogging Through the Alphabet
Deborah by Charles Landelle 1901. Source: Christ

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