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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Writing in Cursive with Logic of English

There are differing opinions about whether or not to teach cursive writing anymore since computers are so popular now. I personally think it is a beautiful way to write. I've delayed the teaching of cursive writing to my son so that he could have a strong foundation in manuscript. I was excited when the opportunity was presented to review the curriculum offered by Logic of English. I chose to review the Rhythm of Handwriting Cursive - Complete Set since recently I've felt it was time to begin to teach my son how to write in cursive.

Logic of English Review

Items Included in the Rhythm of Handwriting Cursive - Complete Set

  • 1 Rhythm of Handwriting Cursive Workbook: This is a softcover workbook with perforated pages so you can easily tear them out for your student if you need to. My son is left-handed and doesn't like the bend of the spine of a workbook, so I always appreciate perforated pages in a workbook. It makes his life (and mine) easier! There is a practice page for every lowercase letter and uppercase letter. Four different line sizes are included on each workbook page so that your child can experiment with the different line sizes and choose the size that works best and feels most comfortable to him/her as they practice writing in cursive. Also included are pages of words using the letters learned.
  • 1 Cursive Quick Reference Chart: This laminated chart will last forever! It has all the cursive letters and the special wording used in teaching your child how to correctly form the cursive letters. This chart also contains the 11 Steps to Teaching Handwriting. This chart is a great go-to reference!
  • 1 set of Cursive Tactile Cards: I love these cards! There is a card for every lowercase letter, every uppercase letter, special movements used in cursive writing (swing, curve, etc.), and numbers 0-9. Your child uses his/her pointer finger to trace along the cursive letter formation as you instruct proper formation with the wording that is provided for you. There is a grainy texture in the form of the letter on the card that your child will "feel" as he/she traces along the form of the cursive letter with their pointer finger. My son loves this!
  • 1 Student Whiteboard: You can use this as you demonstrate how to write the cursive letters you are teaching. Your child can use it to practice writing the cursive letters before moving to actual paper and pencil writing. You will need to provide the dry erase markers and a whiteboard eraser. 

The price for the Rhythm of Handwriting Cursive - Complete Set is $65.00. The age range for this product is ages 4 to adult.

Logic of English Review

How We Use Rhythm of Handwriting Cursive - Complete Set

This cursive writing program is so easy to jump into and start teaching your child how to write in cursive! We used Rhythm of Handwriting Cursive four days a week. Included in the workbook are suggested schedules for teaching Rhythm of Handwriting Cursive. I tweaked one of the choices I liked to fit the needs of my son. I focus on teaching 2 letters per week just because my son needs extra time to cement concepts in his mind and become comfortable with what he is doing. I've learned to let him lead in this area. It's less stressful for the both of us.

Since he already knows the sounds of the individual letters, I skipped that part in the "Steps to Teaching Handwriting" that are given in the workbook. This step would be very helpful for parents with younger children who are learning the sounds of letters. These steps and more helpful information for the parent is included  in pages 5-13 of the workbook. Other helpful information includes "Handwriting Tips," "Suggested Schedules," and "Ideas for Handwriting Practice."

When I teach a lesson, I use my pointer finger and the wording provided on the handwriting chart as I demonstrate on the student whiteboard how to write the letters we are working on. Then I let my son trace the tactile card with his pointer finger as I say the wording provided to help him remember how to form the letter (this wording is on the back of the tactile card and on the handwriting chart). We do this several times before moving to the worksheet paper where he practices with his pencil. We've had to place our cursive writing lessons on hold since my son broke both of his wrists in a scooter accident in our neighborhood.

Logic of English: Rhythm of Handwriting Cursive

My Opinion of Rhythm of Handwriting Cursive - Complete Set

I am really enjoying using this curriculum to teach my son how to write in cursive! It is very user-friendly. I love how I am given exactly what to say as I teach the various strokes and letters in my lessons. My son is enjoying his writing lessons as well. He loves the feel of the grainy texture of the letters on the tactile cards as he traces the letter on it with his finger. He likes to use the different sized lines on the worksheet practice pages until he finds the one that he's most comfortable with on the letter he is working on. I can't wait for him to get out of his casts so we can continue on with our lessons.

I highly recommend this curriculum if you and your child are ready for cursive writing! Want to look into it for yourself? You can use the links in my opening paragraph, and you can also connect with Logic of English on the following social media outlets to find out more about all of their awesome products!

Walking in His Grace, 

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