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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

It's Time Again for the Making Your Home a Haven Challenge!

Women Living Well

I'm so excited that the time has come for the 5th Annual "Making Your Home a Haven" Fall Challenge! I've been waiting for Courtney Joseph's announcement over at Women Living Well, and yesterday was the big day!

Whether you're new to this challenge, or like me, will be joining Courtney again this year - you can find out all of the details about this year's "Making Your Home a Haven" Fall Challenge here on Courtney's post.

I believe we can create a physical environment, as well as a spiritual environment, that can bring peace, harmony and a sense of calmness to our homes if we are willing to be intentional. -Courtney Joseph

During the month of October, join me here every Monday to see how I'm doing with Courtney's tips - one practical and one spiritual - as I seek to make my home a haven for those I love. If you're doing this challenge too, I'd love for you to leave me your comments each week on how things are going with you! :)

We'll be starting Week 1 of this challenge on Monday, October 6 with the lighting of our candle. I'm going to be keeping my candle in the kitchen. We have an open floor plan so it will be within sight at all times. Every time the flame catches my eye, I will be saying a prayer for peace in our home.

I'm thrilled that Courtney will be helping us to focus on the fruits of the Spirit during this "Making Your Home a Haven" Fall Challenge. During our first week, we'll be working on having peace and patience within our hearts.

I am convinced it is only by the power of the Holy Spirit living inside of us - and as we surrender to Him - that we will be changed and transformed into all that God desires for us to be and to live our lives as He calls us to live them.


My Heart for the Making Your Home a Haven Challenge

Haven is defined in dictionaries as any place of shelter or safety. This is what I desire for my home to be for my husband, my children, and anyone else who enters our home. I want my home to be a haven for my husband when he walks in the door from his job. I want my home to be a haven for my children where they feel loved and protected, and where special memories are made. I want my home to be a haven to all of our family members and friends where life and love are shared over meals at our table and fun times together. Most of all, I want Jesus to be at the center of everything that takes place inside the Messer home and for His sweet presence to be felt by everyone within these walls.

I love the season of Fall and all that comes with it. The "Making Your Home A Haven" Fall Challenge is right at the top of my list of things I love about Fall! This is going to be fun!

So how about you...are you joining in on the "Making Your Home a Haven" Fall Challenge? If so, I would love to know and you can leave me a comment below. Let's keep in touch with how we're doing with the challenge too! Meet me here every Monday in October to share about how it's going.

Now, let's go purchase our wonderful smelling candle so we'll be ready to start with Courtney on Monday, October 6. :)

Walking in His Grace, 

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