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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

S is for Sarah (Women of the Bible)

Blogging through the Alphabet

S is for Sarah.

Scripture Reference:

Genesis 11:29-31; 12:5-17; 16:1-8; 17:15-21; 20:2-18; 21:1-12; 23:1-19; Romans 4:19; 9:9; Hebrews 11:11; 1 Peter 3:6

Meaning of Name:


Family Connections:

Daughter of Terah, the wife of Abraham (and his half sister); the mother of Isaac

Interesting Facts about Sarah:

  • Sarah and Abraham had the same father, but different mothers (Genesis 20:12).
  • Sarah was a faithful wife to Abraham.
  • Sarah would be the woman through which the promised seed of Abraham would be born.
  • Sarah, who had been barren, laughed within herself as she overheard God promise to Abraham that a son would be born to them. 
  • Sarah's laugh was a laugh of doubt unlike her husband's laughter which was of joy after hearing the promise of God.
  • Sarah grew impatient waiting for God to fulfill His promise, and as a result convinced her husband to take her maidservant, Hagar, in order to conceive a child that would not be the promised seed.
  • The promised seed of God would only come through Sarah's womb.
  • Sarah's name was changed by God (it had been Sarai) when He came in love and mercy after their decision concerning Hagar, to confirm His promise that Sarah would indeed conceive the promised seed.
  • God kept His promise to Sarah and Abraham in the birth of Isaac.
  • Sarah and Abraham named their son Issac, which means "laughter", given as a memorial of her laughter that was doubt at God's promise and of Abraham's laughter which was joy at God's promise.
  • Sarah died at the age of 127.

What We Can Learn from Sarah:

  • If God has given you a promise, don't lose hope for the fulfillment of His promise.
  • Do not doubt the promises of God.
  • Don't rush ahead of God - His timing is perfect.
  • God will accomplish every word He speaks.
  • God has a plan for my life that no one else can fulfill.
  • Be careful of the influences we try to impose on our husbands.
  • God keeps His promises.
  • Be attentive to ways God confirms His promise to you while you are waiting for its fulfillment.

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Walking in His Grace, 
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  1. Sarah is another favorite of mine and you have done a lovely job of covering the important points regarding her. I enjoy reading your posts each week and learning more, even if it is just by recalling facts that I already knew. I learn and hide His word deeper in my heart each time. Thank you. - Lori H.

    1. Thanks for your sweet comment, Lori! There is always something new God can show us with familiar passages. Yes...each time we are able to hide His Word deeper in our hearts as He opens our minds to understand more in the Scriptures (Luke 24:45). It's beautiful, really! :)