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Friday, June 5, 2015

Memoria Press Review

Memoria Press is a publishing company founded in 1994 by Cheryl Lowe and is family-run. They publish classical Christian educational materials for homeschool and private schools. My son loves ancient history and so for this TOS Review, I chose to review the Famous Men of Rome Set in our homeschool.

Memoria Press Review

We read Famous Men of Rome three days a week in our homeschool. This set is for grades 4-8. The Famous Men of Rome Set includes the text, student workbook, and the teacher's manual. There are beautiful color pictures throughout the text; 30 of which were commissioned oil paintings of important events in the Famous Men of Rome updated text. Most stories are from 2 to 6 pages in length.

Memoria Press Review

Included in each lesson is the facts to know, vocabulary, five to ten comprehension questions, and activities such as mapwork, discussion questions, and research projects. There is also an appendix that includes a pronunciation guide (which was very helpful), a European Geography supplement, a "Who Said That" worksheet that lists famous quotes from Roman history; drawing pages, maps of Ancient Italia, the Roman Empire, Ancient Rome, and Modern Europe; a Roman history timeline, excerpts from Horatius at the Bridge, and an essay of the influence of Rome in America.

How We Used the Famous Men of Rome Set

We read Famous Men of Rome three days a week in our homeschool. Due to my son's special needs we did not do all of the material in the student workbook because it would have been too overwhelming for him.

I was thankful to have the pronunciation guide because my son and I both needed it as we read through Famous Men of Rome.

Each day that we had History in our homeschool, we would read about one of the famous men included in this curriculum. Here's a look at the men who are included in the Famous Men of Rome:

1. Romulus
2. Numa Pompilius
3. The Horatii and the Curiatii
4. The Tarquins
5. Junius Brutus
6. Horatius
7. Mucius the Left-Handed
8. Coriolanus
9. The Fabii
10. Cincinnatus
11. Camillus
12. Manlius Torquatus
13. Appius Claudius Caecus
14. Regulus
15. Scipio Africanus
16. Cato the Censor
17. The Gracchi
18. Marius
19. Sulla
20. Pompey the Great
21. Julius Caesar
22. Cicero
23. Augustus
24. Nero
25. Titus
26. Trajan
27. Marcus Aurelius
28. Diocletian
29. Constantine the Great
30. End of the Western Empire

After reading, we would pick out what my son wanted to do in the student workbook. This was the best way to make this wonderful curriculum fit the needs of our homeschool.

My Opinion of the Famous Men of Rome Set

This curriculum can be perfectly spread out over a year with everything that is included. The pictures included in Famous Men of Rome are gorgeous. All in all, I think this is an excellent curriculum to use for an in-depth study of some of the leading men of Roman history.

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Walking in His Grace, 

Memoria Press Review

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