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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

H is for Hannah (Women of the Bible)

Blogging Through the Alphabet

H is for Hannah.

Scripture Reference:

1 Samuel 1; 2:1, 21

Meaning of Name:

Gracious; Graciousness; Favor

Family Connections:

Hannah was the favorite wife of Elkanah and the mother of Samuel who became a prophet and was the last judge of Israel. She also had 3 other sons and 2 daughters who are not named in the Bible.

Interesting Facts About Hannah:

  • Hannah was unable to have children because the Lord in His sovereignty had closed her womb.
  • Her sorrow was inconsolable.
  • She poured out her soul in prayer to the Lord for a son.
  • Hannah made a vow to God to dedicate her son to Him if He would answer her prayer.
  • Hannah prayed so passionately to God in the tabernacle that Eli, the priest, thought she was drunk.
  • She was blessed by Eli after humbly explaining that she was not drunk, but praying to God. 
  • Hannah left the tabernacle after praying with her countenance changed.
  • Hannah's womb was opened by the Lord in answer to her prayers.
  • Hannah's husband, Elkanah, stood with her in the vow she had made when he could have voided it (See Numbers 30:6-8).
  • Hannah fulfilled her vow to God when she, along with her husband, took Samuel to the tabernacle after he was weaned.
  • Hannah visited her son at the tabernacle every year.

What We Can Learn from Hannah:

  • As hard as it may be, we can come to the place in our lives where we are willing to surrender to God what is most important to us.
  • Peace can be experienced in our acts of surrender.
  • When we surrender our heart's desire to God, He doesn't leave us feeling empty, but fills us with His joy.
  • Only God can satisfy our deepest desires.
  • Take refuge in the Lord through prayer concerning our sorrows.
  • Leave our burdens at the foot of the cross; do not pick them back up. 
  • Praise God for prayers that He has answered.
  • Keep the promises you make to God.
  • Teach our children to love and serve God.
  • Respond in humility to false accusations made against us.

Source: Wikipedia Public Domain, Gerbrand van den Eeckhout: Hannah presenting her son Samuel to the priest Eli, ca. 1665

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  1. Great list of Hannah's virtues! Love reading your posts. :-)

  2. I'm really enjoying your theme for this ABC round. I had no idea Hannah's husband could have caused her vow to be voided. I found that interesting.

    1. Thank you! I found that fact about Hannah's husband interesting too! :)