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Friday, August 22, 2014

Blogging through the Bible

I am so excited to share with you that I'll be joining Courtney Joseph with Women Living Well, home of Good Morning Girls, for Blogging through the Bible! Our journey through the entire Bible begins on Sunday, August 31, in the book of Esther. This will be a little different than usual in that instead of SOAPing a few verses from the Bible we will be reading a chapter a day and sharing what we learned from our time in the Word. 

I've read through the Bible a couple of times since re-dedicating my life to the Lord in 1994, but never like this where I take the time to write down the verses that personally speak to me and what I learn from those verses. I like how Courtney is taking 3 years to read through the Bible with us. No rushing...just one day at a pressure...just developing the habit of being in God's Word

Would you be willing to take this journey with me? I would love to have you come along with me. There is no enrollment hoops to jump through here either. Simply leave me a comment below in the "Post a Comment" section. Then join me here on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Fridays beginning Sunday, August 31. Here's my schedule I'll be keeping for Blogging through the Bible:

Remember there are seasons in life. If for some reason, you find yourself falling behind, please don't worry...and don't give up. I'll be here and you can jump right back in at any time. Comments are welcomed - I want to hear what you are learning - let's grow together!

I don't know about you, but I'm trying to simplify which is why I'm not creating another Facebook group for you to have to join. *wink*

Simply meet with me here every Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday beginning Sunday, August 31, and let's share what we are learning from our time in the Word of God.

So, what do you think? Will you take this journey of reading through the Bible with me! Ohhh dear friend, I certainly hope so. Please remember to comment below in the "Post a Comment" section to let me know you'll be joining me. I'm so excited and look forward to connecting with you as we read the Word of God together! 

Walking in His Grace,

*Update 8/27/14: Yaayy...Courtney has our resources ready! Please see her post Blogging Through the Bible Reading Plans & eWorkbooks to download your materials for Reading Through the Bible.

Good Morning Girls


  1. I'm SO happy you're doing this! I'm so glad Courtney is doing this as well!! I love that you'll be doing it here because I'm not on FB, but could use a little accountability! So, I'm with you and looking forward to it!!

    1. Wonderful, April, I'm so excited you will be joining me! We can keep each other accountable. Welcome! :)