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Friday, August 15, 2014

P is for Priscilla (Women of the Bible)

Blogging Through the Alphabet

P is for Priscilla.

Scripture Reference:

Acts 18:2, 18, 26; Romans 16:3; 1 Corinthians 16:19; 2 Timothy 4:19

Meaning of Name:

Worthy or venerable

Family Connections:

Wife of Aquila.

Interesting Facts about Priscilla:

  • Anytime Priscilla is mentioned in the Bible, she is with her husband, Aquila.
  • She (and her husband) were expelled from Rome because they were Jews.
  • Priscilla, with her husband, were believers of Jesus Christ.
  • She (and her husband) were able to return to their home in Rome after the death of Emperor Claudius.
  • Priscilla labored together with her husband, Aquila, in the service of the church.
  • She, along with her husband, sailed to Syria with Paul. 
  • Priscilla (and her husband) explained the Way of God more accurately to Apollos.
  • Priscilla and her husband hosted a house church in their home while in Ephesus, Corinth, and Rome.
  • Priscilla (and her husband) were referred to by Paul as his co-laborers in Christ Jesus.
  • Priscilla was united in love with her husband.
  • Priscilla was united in Christian service with her husband.
  • She (and her husband) are among the earliest known missionaries.
  • Priscilla (and her husband) opened their home up to Paul who stayed with them 18 months.
  • Priscilla (and her husband) risked their lives for Paul.

What We Can Learn from Priscilla:

  • Unity in a marriage is a beautiful witness.
  • Be active in the church with your spouse for God's glory.
  • Practice hospitality.
  • Grow in the Word of God together.
  • Share your knowledge of the Word of God with others.
  • Be a faithful friend.
  • Bloom for God's glory wherever life takes you and your spouse.
  • Stay faithful in serving the Lord together.

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Walking in His Grace, 

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  1. I love the point that Priscilla always faithfully helped her husband. I am really enjoying your series. :-)

    1. Thanks, Erica! I'm so glad you have enjoyed this series! :)