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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Q is for Queen Sheba (Women of the Bible)

Blogging Through the Alphabet

Q is for Queen Sheba.

Scripture Reference:

1 Kings 10:1-13; 2 Chronicles 9:1-12; and Matthew 12:42

Meaning of Name:

Name unknown. We only know her as the Queen of Sheba.

Family Connections:


Interesting Facts about the Queen of Sheba:

  • Queen Sheba traveled around 1,200 miles to Jerusalem upon hearing about the wisdom of King Solomon and his relationship with the Lord.
  • She came with a caravan of camels loaded with spices, gold, and precious stones to give to the king.
  • Queen Sheba had a quest for knowledge and presented King Solomon with her questions.
  • She was overwhelmed at the realization of King Solomon's wisdom.
  • Queen Sheba praised God for the wisdom of King Solomon.
  • She acknowledged God as the giver of the king's wealth and wisdom.

What We Can Learn from the Queen of Sheba:

  • There is One greater than Solomon that we can learn God's truth from - Jesus. 
  • Seek a deeper personal knowledge of God.
  • Pursue God-given truths found in the Bible.
  • Seek out relationships with others who are grounded in their relationship with Jesus and can teach us.

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Walking in His Grace, 

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  1. That is interring. I love the quest for knowledge. I hope that is something that would be a characteristic of me.

    1. I hope the same, always be striving to grow in my knowledge of my God and my Savior! Thanks for stopping by and commenting! :)

  2. neat little study. Thanks for doing it. :)

    1. I've really enjoyed doing this study. Thanks for stopping by Annette! :)